Property Seller’s Guide

Please be aware that every sale may have its’ own unique situations and occurrences. This list is to be used as a basic “guide” for a sale.

1. Contact a competent Real Estate Professional to set up an appointment for a preliminary view of the house or property

2. It is a good idea to have certain papers ready for the visit. Current tax bills and a copy of your deed should be available to the Realtor.

3. Your Realtor will walk through the house, basement, garage, and yard to get a sense of size, room layout, general condition etc., and may suggest certain things for you to do in an effort to show the house in the most advantageous way. You should also discuss anything you may know which would positively or negatively affect the purchase price, to familiarize your Realtor with your house or property.

4. Your Realtor will discuss the entire selling process answering any questions you have. Items such as types of contracts, marketability, marketing time, your responsibilities, the Realtor’s responsibilities etc. should all be discussed at this time.

5. Your Realtor will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your property and together, using this information, you and your Realtor will determine an asking price. At this time your Realtor becomes your representative, working for you.

6. You’ll sign a fully explained listing agreement and various disclosures. The rest of the selling process will be explained at this time including how to prepare your property for showings, showing instructions, how to respond to offers, and various other things to expect along the way. Feel free to ask any questions of your representative.

7. Showings will begin, offers will be made and the process will continue with negotiations, contracts of sale, inspections, attorneys etc.

8. Remember that your Realtor is your agent or representative. Feel free to ask any question you feel is important. Keep the lines of communication open at all times and your professional Realtor will help you take your sale to closing!